January 10, 2002

Crooked Rooster, Watkins Glen


PRESENT: Barbara Luther RE, Rox Brown Treas., Tim Meddaugh Past RE, and Rob Craig Act. Dir., Dale Terry Dir., Gina Metcalf Dir., Sandy Frank-Nolan Dir., Terri Dobbs Sec., Bob Burns Asst. RE.

ABSENT: Ed Zebrowski Dir.

MINUTES: Bob Burns was present as a guest for the first half of the BOD meeting Dec. 27 and as Asst. RE for the second half. MOTION by Bob Burns to approve 12/27 minutes. SECONDED by Sandy Nolan. CARRIED. MOTION By Rox Brown to ratify the minutes of the second half of BOD meeting held on 12/27. SECONDED by Sandy Nolan. CARRIED.

TREASURERS REPORT: Current treasurers report was given by Rox Brown. Everything is looking good for the start of the year. Books will be sent to Lou Devillers for the annual audit. MOTION by Dale Terry to approve the treasurer’s report. SECONDED by Terri Dobbs.



Race Specialty

F&C Sandy Nolan

Grid Larry Emery

Paddock Bob Carson

Medical John Cartin

Registration Barbara Luther

Starter Marty Laux

T & S Marie Heacox

Sound Jim Forrest

Drivers Licensing Bob Perry

NYSRRC Tim Meddaugh

Administrative Appointments

Membership Betty Page

Solo II Mike Taves

MOTION by Bob Burns to approve the above members for these appointments. SECONDED by Dale Terry. CARRIED

The February Social Meeting will by held February 28 at the Motor Racing Research Library in Watkins Glen. Starting at 7:30 PM.

ROUNDTABLE: The mailing for the roundtable that we are hosting March 15-17 at the Painted Post Holiday Inn will be going out soon to all RE’s, past attendees, and specialty chiefs very soon. Sponsorship letters were reviewed and taken to potential sponsors. Key chains fobs were discussed for possible favors for the event to be given to participants. Also discussed was a scholarship program for all Glen Region members who work on the event, more details to follow about this.


VECICHLE RULES: Discussion of the van rules and the need for some changes. MOTION by Terri Dobbs to form a committee consisting of Sandy Nolan, Rob Craig, and Gina Metcalf to revise the vehicle rules. SECONDED by Rox Brown. CARRIED.

COPIER: Barb made a request that the Region check into the purchase of a copier for registration and the roundtable. It does need to be a portable machine. She will check into our options and report back to the BOD at the next meeting.

RETIRMENT: Long time member of the Glen Region Brenda Winters who works at the National SCCA office in membership support is retiring after 25 years of service. Barb is going to have a plaque made up to present to her at the national convention as a thank you.

SUNSHINE COMMITTEE: In the past when members have pasted away or have been in the hospital we have tried to acknowledge them in some form whether it is flowers, donations or something else. From time to time people have been unintentionally missed due to an oversight or lack of knowledge of these events. There has never been a policy or person in charge of handling this. We as the BOD would like to define this area better so in the future members will know whom to contact in the case of such events. MOTION by Bob Burns to establish the following committee of Terri Dobbs, Rox Brown, and Sandy Nolan to put together a policy for this purpose and report back to the BOD. SECONDED by Gina Metcalf. CARRIED.