January 20, 2005
Glen Region SCCA

PRESENT: RE: Ed Zebrowski; Secretary: Cheryl Boynton; Treasurer: Lin Hurd; Directors: Ed Hurd, Dale Terry and Skip Testut; Past RE: Barb Luther
ABSENT: Asst. RE: Bob Burns; Activities Director: Sandy Sanders;
Director: Joe Atkinson
GUESTS: Tim Meddaugh and Ray Oliver
The BOD meeting was called to order at 7:07 PM, by RE Ed Zebrowski. MOTION, by Barb Luther, second by Lin Hurd to approve the minutes of the December 16, 2004 Board of Directors meeting as printed. Carried. No Activities Report Treasurerís Report: Lin Hurd went over the account listings and the balance sheet.
MOTION: by Ed Hurd, second by Skip Testut, to approve the Treasurerís report as given by Lin Hurd. Carried Membership report: Cheryl Boynton reported that the Glen Region now has 236 regular members, 61 spouse members, 6 honorary members, 7 dual members, 1 life member, 39 junior associate members and 11 first gear members. A total of 361 members. Debit cards were distributed to Ed Zebrowski, Lin and Barb. The new WGI contracts should be out in February. The website has been updated by Pat Scopelliti. A data base of past award winners is being worked on. Bylaws changes will be voted on at the March membership meeting. Bridgehamton stock will be looked into.
The form will be sent in soon for the charter renewal
There will be a double national at Pocono.
Mail costs are being looked into. We no longer have the bulk mail permit. Motion to adjourn at 8:20 pm In the Spirit of the Sport Cheryl Boynton Secretary