Oktoberfest, Glen Style

    Another Glen Region Solo II season came to an end under nearly perfect fall weather conditions. Sunday, October 20th saw 32 drivers giving it their all at the National Warplane Museum in Big Flats for one last time before putting on the snow tires. Our own personal celebration of OctoberFast!

    The course set-up was reminiscent of last year's National Warplane Museum event in that a opening series of tight sweeping turns led into a higher speed romp, repeated for a second lap. The difference this year was a couple of extra kinks in last year's high speed straightaway. This kinking coupled with cool air and surface temperatures resulted in a thrill a minute for spectators and drivers alike. Just ask the usually subdued George Dohanich, RE from the Southern NY region, who cut more donuts with his Neon than Krispy Kreme. As the surface and tire temperatures increased the times improved and the drivers returned to more staid attempts at car control, but the in-car action remained high throughout the event.

    The end results of the day's action saw Mike Sullivan in his '00 Leprechaun (half Chevvy, half Triumph TR-7, and all Sullivan) edge out John Florence ('67 Bobsy Formula Vee) for A-Modified honors by less than a second. In B-Stock Skip Testut ('01 Honda S2000) took the trophy and fastest time of the day with a best run of 47.225, while just 0.2 second separated second place Eric Navestad ('00 Honda S2000) from Ed Hurd ('67 Porsche 944S). Tedd Hurd ('83 Mazda RX-7) was victorious over Jeff Hering ('90 Mazda Miata) in the all-Mazda C-Stock division as Marcus Hill ('93 Honda Civic) triumphed over Tim Shrauth ('93 Honda Civic) and Craig McManus ('00 Honda Prelude) in the all Honda C-Street Prepared division. Previously mentioned George Dohanich ('95 Plymouth Neon) quit spinning long enough to win D-Street Prepared with a very respectable time of 48.487 and Mike Tyburski ('94 Ford Probe) completed his best Glen Region season ever with a win in G-Stock over Tim Andres (99' Subaru Impreza) and Tony Bacales (98' Dodge Neon R/T). It should be mentioned that Tony was having so much fun that he wanted to take a third lap on the two lap course but thought better of it, fortunately for all of us. Meanwhile in H-Stock, Andy Sullivan returned to his roots in an '87 Pontiac Fiero managing to win class honors over his brother, Patrick, who drove a '98 Chevrolet S-10. Yup. You read it correctly. That's a Chevrolet S-10 pick'em-up truck. Judging by the tire marks at the starting line, Patrick's truck did NOT have a limited slip differential, but that's just a guess on my part. By the way, H-Stock gets my vote as the most interesting class of the day as it included not only a pickup truck but Bill Barkely's Berkeley SE-492. With 14 screaming horses under the hood, the chain driven roadster was fun to watch and probably even more fun to drive.

    In Street Touring S, event chair Todd "Ben Stein" Tottman ('96 Plymouth Neon SC) avenged his defeat at the hands of Derek Wayman at last month's Corning event by managing to win both the class and PAX trophies. Todd's best run was a 48.047. It should be mentioned that Derek ('98 Dodge Neon ACR) had some great runs but difficulty with the dreaded "orange flu" got in his way and Todd wisely took advantage of it. Finally, Ken Pierce managed to beat out son, Greg, and brother, John, in Street Touring X (a.k.a., The Pierce Class) in the Pierce Racing's '87 BMW 325 IS. John also turned in a respectable third place in the PAX ranks. All of the drivers' times along with current seasonal standings can be viewed at the Glen Region Solo II web page at http://www.glen-scca.org/solo-sched.asp. I'm not about to give away who won what seasonal distinction in this article. You'll just have to read it for yourself or come to the Awards Banquet.

    2002 has been a busy season for many of us. The Glen Region managed to host seven events, two of which occurred on new sites, the Seneca Army Depot in Romulus and at Ingersoll-Rand in Athens, Pennsylvania. We had a lot of good novice drivers this year who drove some pretty interesting cars and we saw the Street Touring divisions prosper. We also instituted the post of "PR Dude" (yours truly) to be sure that our events were recorded in The Spark Plug and we created the Van Committee for next season giving us as many committees as we have members, but, hey, for some reason it works for us. The important thing is that now we have a few months to check out "FasTrack News" for the upcoming Solo II classifications (2003 Stock Classes Super, A, and B have yet to be determined as of mid-October) and to read about all of the interesting official protests happening in Road Racing (It was recently upheld that one cannot use a black flag condition as an opportunity to set a new lap record; This should interest Rob Craig), and we now have some time to prepare ourselves for the 2003 season. I for one plan on spending my winter inventing a wax which easily removes black rubber stains from the right front fender of my car. I figure I stand to make a lot of money if I'm successful. In the meantime, see you at the Awards Banquet in December or at one of the Solo II Meetings this Winter. Until then, may all your apexes, be good apexes.