5/6/07 Avanex


Miata Mania:


Avanex is officially now property of Corning Inc, but the lot and Corning’s generosity continues.  This is the first event of the ‘07 season for the Glen Region SCCA.  There were 42 drivers signed up and 7 were Miatas of different vintages.  This is the largest showing of a singular make at one event that I can remember, showing how increasingly popular this little pocket rocket is becoming.  The weather was primo for Solo activities.  Mid 60’s, SUNNY, and a steady breeze that helped keep the hotheads cool.  You can not ask for a much better day for early May in upstate NY.


The course was similar to those used in the past and this has proven to be very well-liked by the novices and the old vet’s alike.  It started with the traditional long straight into a strong right-hander, into another straightaway, down to a hard pin turn, and back to a tricky left, right, left (that led to many fallen cones), and then continued into a few right hand sweepers to the finish.   Out of a grand total of ~250 runs, only 11 were “off courses”.  Not too bad for the first event and a large amount of novices!  Nice Job Casey and Pat!


The largest class of the day was the ever-popular STS class with 6 drivers… including a new “Weavermobile” (for the 3rd straight year).  Maybe they will keep this one for more than one season?  Even though they were new to the car they seemed to have a handle on it as they placed first and second in their 1991 Civic, beating out Allan in his ‘05 Tc, Nick in his 1994 SE-R.


There were 4 other classes with 4 drivers.  As usual Ken and Greg did the unthinkable and beat the owner in his own car with the “Piercemobile” in DSP.  In the end, Greg ended up on top, followed closely by his father Ken .359 sec behind.  Nice driving Greg; you’re a joy to watch as you slide the car through the course. 


In STX there were also 4 drivers, all seasoned drivers, including last year’s Class Champion, and yours truly, Ken M.  I was bested by a full second by Kyle K. in his 1994 VW Corrado SLC.  You better keep your eyes open Kyle--I won’t take a beating lying down!  I was followed closely (.579 sec) by Kyle M. in his ‘02 Nissan Sentra.  And Matt L. was only able to manage 3 runs before a technical difficulty ended his day.  Good luck Matt, we all hope to see you back out there soon!


ES filled up with three Miatas and one Toyota.  Philip M., in his ‘94 Miata, edged out Nile H. by a SLIM .057 sec to capture the 1st place. 


The final class of 4 drivers was the SM class.  This is a pretty open class so we expect to see some interesting cars in the future.  Last year’s STS Champion, Tom D., was strong with his 1998 Honda Prelude in his win over Zeke W. in his ‘06 Mini, Dave S. ‘06 350z, and James S. ‘99 Audi.  Nice clean driving Tom!  Keep up the good work. 


In the 2 stroke classes we were choked out by 4 drivers, and when it was all said and done our course designer Casey C. ended up on top as he bested Pat S. by .692 sec in his cart!  Mean Casey, mean.   Casey (the course designer extraordinaire) also claimed FTD for the day.  Gee, I wonder why?


Other notables include Ben H. with his ‘04 STi in his FIRST event ever as he took down veteran Eric N. in his ‘00 S2000!  Yikes Eric, we got a hot shoe!  Keith M. stayed ahead of Lee B. to capture CS.  Newcomers Eric V. and Charles L. battled it out, and in the end Eric V. came out on top with his ‘01 BMW 330i.


In our Calculated PAX times Jeff W. ended up on top in his STS 1991 Civic.   Nice driving Jeff, I’m sure that you will be challenged; they better bring their A-game to knock you off the podium.


On behalf of the Glen Region, thanks to the good people at Corning, Inc. for the loan of the parking lot. As always, kudos to the course design committee and to Mark Lockhart, especially, for another outstanding job of both securing the site and chairing the event. Ditto to Eric Navestad and Jeff Weaver for getting the van to the site and back.  Thanks to all the other people that help me out each and every day:  Tom D. as Assistant Safety Stewart, and Worker Chief, and Timing and Scoring by the Pierce clan.  If I forgot to thank anyone, I’m VERY sorry, I appreciate your help.  As always I could use more help.  The work of many is done by only a few, if you are interested in helping out PLEASE let me know.  


If you would like to see a full report of the results check them out online at



Our next Solo event is May 19th-20th.  Join us for our annual Solo School and event at our favorite site, Seneca Army Depot.   If you are a new driver or racer, please sign up for the school as it will be ever valuable in you’re driving future. 


As always thanks to the volunteers--you make all of the possible!