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SOLO School Registration
The school will be held at Seneca Army Depot on Saturday, May 14, 2011
Complete form and mail to:   Pat Scopelliti
    48 Olcott Road North
    Big Flats, NY 14814
Phone:   607-731-8584
    Note: Driver's license or learner's permit is required, except for junior kart drivers.
City   , State/Prov
Zip/Postal code  
Age   Under 18
18 or over
If under 18, your parent or guardian
must be at the school.
Car year  
Car make  
(Enter "Kart" for the kart class)
Car model  
Car color  
Does your car have antilock brakes?
Experience   Never competed in a Solo
Competed in a few SOLO events
Competed in Solo for a year or more
Have on-track experience