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Announcing the Glen Region's Last Chance 'Racing Experience'


This is an all new event, never held at Watkins Glen International before!

Want to experience what it is like to be Wheel to Wheel racing in a controlled environment with NO RACING LICENSE REQUIRED?!?!

Is this even possible? Yes it is!!!

The Glen Region SCCA would like to invite you to our inaugural Last Chance: Club Racing Experience event on Friday October 4th, 2013 at Watkins Glen International.

What is the SCCA Racing Experience?

This event will be a low risk “racing experience” event that provides an instructional environment to experience and learn about wheel to wheel racing in an easy to access format. The event will happen during the Glen Region’s Last Chance weekend.

Participation is open to any SCCA regular or weekend member. Members will be provided with a SCCA Racing Experience Participation Log to record their participation in the event. Participants must certify they have no known medical conditions that would cause them or others undue risk.

Vehicles are intended to be production based vehicles with a performance level equal or less than normal in Club Racing classes Spec Miata or Improved Touring A. Spec Racer Fords may also be included. Vehicles that may be of a performance higher that those listed above will need to be approved by the Chief Steward before the event (Please contact Ed Zebrowski if your vehicle is of a higher level of performance). Vehicles need not have a SCCA Log Book.

Let your crew, family and friends experience what you do behind the wheel. This is where you can do all of the above in a controlled environment and see what wheel to wheel action is like on track. Do stay tuned for more information and details! Or feel free to contact Ed Zebrowski,