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  EVO AutoX School
Both Phase I and Phase II are offered

Date: July 12, 2008
Location: Seneca Army Depot
Contact: Bret Bauer
Email: (E-mail Contact Preferred!)
Phone: (607)738-5939
Cost: $250 +/- $15 (Not Final Yet!)

Payment made via Check or Money order made out to Glen Region SCCA.

Mailed to:

Bret Bauer
233 W 14th St
Elmira Heights, NY 14903

Phase I
The "original" Evolution program as developed by the McKamey Autocross School. This first step in the Evolution is where all students start, regardless of experience. Daylong course builds upon students existing skills, while introducing new ideas to improve one’s times. Students both ride and drive with Evolution trained national caliber drivers to learn where they are fast and where they need to improve. Small student teacher ratio of 6:1 insures quality instruction time. Computerized timing provides segment times, which can be compared at various times during the day. Do to some factors such as, weather, segment times may not be available and are beyond our control.

Combined with race proven skills, concepts, and techniques this course will improve the performance of all drivers on both road and track. Even experienced driver’s benefit from the Phase 1 course as a refresher for those things they’ve forgotten over the years or perhaps never learned. No matter what type of car you drive the Phase 1 skills will improve your overall driving abilities.

Note: All students must provide their own two-seat vehicle for the day. Two driver cars are welcome.
Phase II
Building upon the skills learned in Phase 1, Phase 2 takes the driver into new areas of mental race preparation, allowing the Phase 1 skills to be applied as second nature. Various driving exercises are conducted throughout the day to improve the driver’s visual and mental imaging of the course, resulting in quicker lap times. This course has worked "magic" in reinforcing the importance of Phase 1 skills and transferring those skills to every autocross course you may encounter. The Phase 2 track design is not the same as used in Phase 1 and generally has higher speed sections.

Note: Phase 2 students must first have completed the Phase 1 Program. As in Phase 1, students must provide a two-seat vehicle for the day.